From the vineyard to the bottle passion and love are at the basis of Sertura production. It is our commitment, to offer all discerning lovers of quality wines an authentic and controlled product, which provides the opportunity to discover something more than a territory but a discreet charm, which is undoubtedly distinctive in the peculiarities of this region. On these foundations, Sertura winery has founded a special production philosophy. This dedication to our business, is in the belief that putting ones heart and soul into ones life’s work, is the first step towards achieving the finest results in our industry.



The quality of Sertura wines was born in the countryside. It is there, among the vineyards, that a wine evolves, retaining the desire to be a faithful and respectful expression of the territory of origin.


Without cuts, without “blend”, vinifying in purity to emphasise the distinctive characteristics of each of the labels at the highest levels. Each wine embodies all the expressive power and purity of the grape, thus making it unique and unmistakable on the nose and palate.


Each year this extraordinary adventure begins with the attention being paid to all the manual practices that take place in the vineyards. Then it is nature that takes over, up to the full and uniform ripeness of the grapes that precedes the harvest carried out exclusively by hand.

This journey is full of charm and wonder and continues into the cellar, through the transformation of the grapes into quality wines that will emphasise the natural characteristics of each grape variety, enhancing their character, scents and distinctive properties.